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Prague Reality
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Company profile:

Real-Estate Agency with a difference...

Our hitherto market performance has pushed us up to one of the top positions in this severely competitive trade and turned us into an accomplished real property specialist offering a broad scope of services.

We sell and rent not only all kinds of residential and recreational properties (flats, family houses, villas, residences, residential houses, country cottages and farm houses, plots of land) but also business premises (offices, restaurants, bars, shops, warehouse and storage facilities). Apart from these rather classical items of real property we also deal in some very special ones like rental apartment houses, pensions, castles, storage & manufacturing compounds, and more...

Obviously, our Agency offers its Clients not just the typical realtor's activities, i.e. the sale and lease of real property, but other services as well - primarily exchanges of personally- or cooperative-owned flats and consultancy services when the Clients wish to trade other forms of property; management of real property for natural and legal persons and state-owned organizations; valuations of real property prices (as needed for title conveyance, sale and inheritance proceedings, but also market valuations); legal counseling services; project implementation; reconstructions, refurbishments, designs of interiors a exteriors; comprehensive consultancy in real estate trading, and last but not least a full-scope service in real property funding (help in obtaining credit, mortgage, or a loan needed to purchase, build or repair a piece of property) and taking care of the financial affairs required to be addressed when selling property (escrow and custody of purchase monies and the related taxes, handling tax returns, and the like...).

To be capable of offering our services in a single comprehensive packet, all of them have been designed as complementary. Such arrangement brings our Clients a number of practical advantages. First and foremost it is safety and ease of the entire transaction and then comes the comfort of handling all the real estate business under one roof on the PRAGUE REALITY premises.

Recently, our Agency has pursued also developer's activities - we renovate property and build new apartments on our own.

Before everything, we try to offer high professional standards, as well as creditable and prompt performance. The quality of services we render relies on cooperation with leading law firms, architects, engineers, forensic specialists, and on the extensive expertise of our own staff. Each of us endeavors mainly to fully satisfy all parties involved in each transaction. A business operation we perform has to be swift, completely transparent and, consequently, absolutely safe for the Client.

Professional standard, Credibility, Speed and Individual approach - these features sum up our modus operandi and work quality.

Nevertheless the ever-increasing numbers of Clients opting for particularly the PRAGUE REALITY Agency have been attracted not just by the principles specified above, but also by our suitably located premises, pleasant milieu and affable personnel. The more people want to sell or buy, the more transactions are completed, and the more satisfied Clients emerge, happy to return even after years. As of 1 July 2006 our regulars exceeded the creditable figure of 5000 companies and individuals.

Martin Zelingr
Company owner

ŘÍMSKÁ 45, 120 00 PRAHA 2, TEL/FAX: 224 916 054
TEL: 224 919 363, 224 921 399, 224 918 385, 224 920 973, 224 919 198