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Another service our Agency has been rendering to its Clients since mid-2001 is


The service is offered to owners of residential and non-residential premises and complexes, be they individuals, firms, cooperatives, state-owned organizations or other entities. Furthermore, the service embraces the management of individual residential and non-residential units provided to proprietors spending longer periods abroad, or foreign nationals in possession of a real estate within the Czech Republic.

Where the management of the stock of flats is required, our Company will be glad to render these services:

1. Operational issues

  • keeping records of buildings, flats and non-residential premises;
  • keeping records of residential and non-residential units; monitoring the changes in property titles; registering tenants and other users of residential and non-residential premises;
  • provision of residential services (electricity and water supplies, waste water removal, heating, hot water, garbage disposal, cleaning & tidying, lift, community TV antenna, etc.);
  • reading meters of relative consumptions used at residential and non-residential premises to prorate the master meter readouts.

2. Economic issues

  • calculating and checking sums to be paid for ownership or rental of flats and non-residential facilities;
  • processing advances (annually) paid for services by the individual owners or tenants;
  • keeping continuous records of costs needed to operate buildings
    • costs required to create funds for repairs and maintenance of community areas of the property; administrative costs; insurance, etc;
    • costs required to pay for utility services - fixed fees and consumption charges for water, electricity, cleaning & tidying, etc.
  • handling invoices from suppliers
    • audits of supplier's invoices and their payment preparation - checks of form & content for adequacy, negotiated prices;
    • payment of supplier's invoices.
  • handling the house-related accountancy and tax issues
    • preparation & processing of background accountancy documents;
    • keeping of building-related accountancy;
    • preparation of balance sheet;
    • processing of tax return for the income tax;
    • processing of tax return for the real property tax.
  • collecting debts - keeping lists of nonpayers, dispatching reminders, preparing payment orders, preparing documents to support court actions or out-of-court debt collection.

3. Technical issues

  • archiving and maintaining available design documentation for buildings;
  • keeping technical records of buildings, flats and non-residential units;
  • inspecting & checking the community parts of buildings
    • planning mandatory inspections and checks;
    • providing the inspections and checks as planned;
    • remedying defects specified in Inspection & Check Reports.
  • rendering emergency services;
  • carrying out maintenance and minor repairs in the community areas of houses;
  • organizing major repairs and reconstructions of the community parts of houses; helping chose the best contractors;
  • checking regularly the condition of buildings.

4. Legal issues

  • meetings & gatherings
    • convening the constituent meeting of property owners from within a building; the constituent session of cooperatives;
    • hiring a notary to write up minutes of the meeting - a notarial record;
    • preparing documents to facilitate proper incorporation into the Commercial Register and the Partnership Register.
    • assisting in the preparation of other meetings and gatherings.
  • taking care of the initial entry into the Commercial Register and Partnership Register;
  • updating data sent to the Commercial Register and Partnership Register;
  • concluding tenancy contracts to rent flats and non-residential premises as ordered by the owner;
  • taking up insurance policies to cover the managed real properties; representing the owners in proceedings aimed to settle claims.

Naturally, the services detailed above do not have to be rendered in one package; when so agreed with the Client, we will be happy to offer a customized package of services, or just the opposite, to broaden the scope as required and agreed. Our regular customers, needless to say, will be granted also special services under preferential conditions.

The Real Property Management Department's motto runs:


Real Property Management Dept.:

tel: +420 224 919 198
mob.: +420 603 434 998
FAX: +420 224 916 054

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