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Our Agency has been appraising real properties for its Clients since the very beginning of our operations. The appraisals are prepared by experts in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, primarily Act 151/1997 Coll., On property appraisals, and the relevant Decrees of the Finance Ministry currently in force. In case our Agency represents a Client throughout a business transaction (sale, transfer of title, etc.), the service is rendered free of charge, with our commission included in the transaction. When the Client asks for a separate property valuation, our prices are much affordable, starting at 1900 CZK (+ VAT) per one valuation.

Most frequented types of real property valuations:

EXPERT'S ASSESSMENT needed to calculate taxes
(property appraisal by a forensic specialist to be used when a real estate is sold, conveyed, given as a present, inherited, etc.)

PROPERTY VALUATION needed to calculate notarial fees
(valuation by a licensed appraiser to be used for inheritance proceedings when the inheritance tax is zero)

(assessment based on the current situation on the real estate market performed to reflect the actual market value of a real property item; typically, such assessment is to keep the owner in the picture or to be included in his/her accountancy documents or financial records)

(valuation performed when asked for by banking institutions to be used as a background document for granting a credit, re-financing, reviewing the degree of a building completion, etc.)

EXPERT'S OPINION to be used by a court of law
(valuation required by a court to be used for lawsuits, divorce proceedings, etc., delivered by a forensic expert in real estate appraisals)

Valuations Department:

tel: +420 224 919 363
mob.: +420 603 856 922
FAX: +420 224 916 054

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TEL: 224 919 363, 224 921 399, 224 918 385, 224 920 973, 224 919 198