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VALUATIONS – Ethics code

Martin Zelingr (license deed reg. No. 320100-109463-00)

  • This profession and ethics code of property valuer (hereinafter the ´code´) contains profession and ethics principles followed by valuer while performing his profession. The code regulates behavior, rights and duties of valuer and he obliges himself to keep provisions given in this code.
  • The valuer while doing his work is protecting public interests, enforces improvement of expert valuations quality, fully utilizes his education and practice in the field, he is socially faultless and he executes his work with awareness of full responsibility for its results.
  • The valuer in his work is obliged to keep and care about observance of valid laws, decrees, directions and standards, especially laws and standard directly related to appraisal.
  • The valuer is obliged to refuse order in which he could be prejudiced towards a client. The valuer executing his profession cannot perform activity in which there is possibility of clash of interests or prejudice.
  • The valuer protects interests of his client, executes works on order with high professional effort and on appropriate level with the purpose to ensure high quality valuation.
  • The valuer must subordinate his personal interest to the interest of client. If there occurs a clash of these interests occur, he is obliged to announce this to the client immediately and as the case may be to withdraw from the order. Negotiations with a client are confidential and data given by the client cannot be used in other valuation or activity without his consent. The valuer keeps confidentiality regarding the facts related to clients.
  • The valuer has right for appropriate reward for services he made. On the beginning of his works on valuation he must make verbal or written agreement with his client in accordance with generally valid regulations, in which he establishes, apart from contract terms of valuation (see Conditions for practicing of licensed business), the amount of his fee. He establishes the amount of his fee according to generally recognized principles appropriately to extent and exacting character of the valuation.
  • The valuer must not authorize other person to work on order without previous consent of customer. But he can set parts of the order as partial delivery to other valuer, if he keeps management and coordination of the work. The valuer is obliged to set as partial delivery that parts of valuation which are out of the field of his specialization.
  • The valuer contributes to dissemination of goodwill of the profession.
  • The valuer must not, while executing his job, damage his profession, he cares about bservance of social and ethical rules and he must keep out of such ways of behavior which ould endanger or disparage the profession in society. He especially avoids unfair ompetition, inadequate advertising and withholding of some facts. He refuses various orms of duress and influence. He will not give out any expert valuation without thorough nowledge of the matter.
  • The valuer is observing the development of his profession and field, supplements his nowledge and improves his qualification.
  • The valuer who works on a valuation or manages works on appraisal, gives his signature and stamp on the valuation. By this he is assuming responsibility for expertise level and quality of the valuation. The valuations marked in this way are written down to the list he keeps.
  • The valuer must not accept obligations, offices or other orders incompatible with execution of valuer´s activities.
  • The valuer keeps himself our of intentional direct or indirect damage of his colleague. By this is not influenced the right to make opinions, estimations, reviews, etc. of works of his colleagues. He will not take over unfinished estimation without consent of the former valuer. He is not executing critics that are not objective, influencing for his benefit, etc. If he takes over unfinished valuation or if he follows with the previous work of other valuer, he is obliged to respect his copyright and to consult the work with the former valuer.
  • The valuer is obliged to state on the valuation the names of co-authors of valuation, who took part on it.

Created, kept and supplemented by:

Martin Zelingr

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License deed reg. No. 320100-109463-00
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