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Discounts and special offers

We are preparing an outline of offers, discounts and bonuses, which we are currently providing our clients with when closing a bargain, on this web page. This web page is regulary updated and you can find here long-term discount programmes, organized in cooperation with or partners, as well as short-term programmes. When you become a client of PRAGUE REALITY you can make use of all the advantages that are connected with it...


10% DISCOUNT ON ALL THE ASSORTMENT OF THE GOODS AND SERVICES OF THE COMPANY WOODFACE - the suppliers, especially of the tailored wardrobes as well as other furniture and interior constituents. On top of that, the calculation and delivery is free of charge! You can get the coupon and brochure with offers from our Real Estate Agents.


10% DISCOUNT ON ALL THE ASSORTMENT OF GOODS OF THE COMPANY ORION PRAHA-SVITIDLA - the international producer and supplier of high-quality luminaires and light systems. You can get a Leaflet with the marked discount from our Real Estate Agents.


235,- CROWNS A MONTH -THE VERY LOWEST OFFER FOR COMPLETE ADMINISTRATION OF 1 RESIDENTIAL OR NONRESIDENTIAL UNIT. The agreed price will be guaranteed for the period of one year. The offer applies to the properties with 5 and more units. The draft contract will be available at the technicians of the Administration of the Property Department.


WE ARE TAKING NEW REAL ESTATE AGENTS IN OUR TEAM - Department of Real Property Sales and Lease. We offer: long run prospects, challenging work environment, competitive salary and possibility to rise professionally, for further information please contact a procurer –Kateřina Zelingrová, tel.: 224 919 363.


Please contact us and we will get back to you immediately.

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